Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

'Sustainability'. A word used in our profession to describe design having regard to:-

  • The use of materials that can be made from either natural, re-usable or recycled sources such as wool or old clothing used for insulation, or from materials that are easily and naturally replenished, such as timber from sustainable forest plantations; materials made using processes that are non toxic or have non toxic by-products or reclaimed materials such as timber, paper and metal.
  • The use of energy efficient means of heating, cooling and ventilating buildings when coupled with high insulation values so that energy consumption is in any event reduced.  Renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic solar panels for producing electricity, solar water collectors for heating water, and ground and air source heat pumps for space heating are key considerations in modern building design.
  • The use of rainwater harvesting tanks or grey water collectors to reduce the use of water for gardens and car washing and flushing of toilets is also now a routine consideration.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it becomes clear that the term `sustainability’ is therefore part of the current debate that is used to describe an energy and ecologically conscious approach to the design of the built environment.  At MGA we are experienced in using all of the above ingredients of carbon saving technology, and also to designing positively to sink buildings within the ground to bring the dual benefits of permanent and stored heat in the ground in winter and thermal inertia for cooling in summer and the use of green roofs for rainwater management, lower energy costs and sound insulation, and strive wherever possible within client budgets to edge closer to zero carbon construction.


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